Wellness Therapies

Hypnosis Rapid Eye Therapy Guided Meditation

The intent of each 

session is to

inform, resolve and empower.

Message from Chenin West MRET, CHt.

My approach is intuitive, empathic and genuine. I have provided supportive, solution-focused treatment for men and women. I offer a holistic approach that allows clients to release their negative perceptions or emotional attachment to the past quickly.

Emotional attachment to stress can stand in the way of personal empowerment, 

healthy relationships and creative flow. Your session will begin with a feeling of comfort, safety and trust. I find that each person responds differently to therapy,

 therefore my practice is not a one size fits all.

 I specialize in recovery after trauma (PTSD). 

Not limited to accident recovery, physical, mental and spiritual abuse issues. Also Compassion Fatigue, or burn out as commonly experienced by Clergy, 

First Responders and Health Care Providers.

I have worked with many people who don’t necessarily fit a diagnostic label, but seek behavioral change, decision-making help, or assistance with life transitions. When clients work in Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), the human mind immediately activates the brains natural need for positive resolution (survival). 

During a session, the mind reaches a new and informed conclusion about the past (trauma). In turn, this conclusion or closure, leads to positive change. 

Those ongoing negative and disruptive messages become a light thoughts,

instead of a constant, heavy interruption of ones day to day life.

Hypnosis Rapid Eye Therapy Guided Imagery

What clients are saying...

Chenin is an adept facilitator/instructor with a thorough knowledge on her subjects. She not only brings solid skills but solid knowledge to the table. Chenin's commitment to her clients is evident. It was gratifying to assist her with the first responders training program. I recommend this process and Chenin without reservation, with implications 

that go well beyond crisis management.

~ Earl Diment, Retired Deputy Fire Marshall, Christmas Valley, Oregon

Chenin is an amazing facilitator. She combines many different techniques to make sure she finds the perfect tool to assist you to the next level of healing. I have worked with many different types of healthcare professionals and coaches. I have found the RET treatments to be most helpful when getting over stuck patterns

that keep us in lack. I highly recommend this type of release work for anyone - especially those who have failed at other modalities.

~ Ronnie P. Bend, Oregon


Hypnotherapy uses positive communication to turn off the critical thinking or the excuse maker in ones mind. The voice that keeps us stuck in negative patterns. During a session the conscious mind (excuse maker) is lead to relax. This allows the subconscious mind 

to access new, positive ideas. (Similar to a computer).The mind, is then able to

reboot and reprogram itself.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Chenin uses exercises in imagination, progressive relaxation, and guided meditation to produce the positive results you desire.

$100 Per Session

Rapid Eye Therapy

Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Abuse 

can block ones personal growth. RET sessions focus on one's personal issues relating to blocks that may be stunting personal, professional or creative growth. RET works to release the emotional attachment to a negative past. During an RET session, clients are directed in rapid eye movement, blinking and verbal suggestions. Though the client is awake and aware, the brain believes it is in REM sleep and it begins the process of discharge stress naturally. RET works to replace negative self defeating thoughts and behaviors with new, positive ways of thinking, acting and being.

$ 100.00 per hour

Energy Work

Archaeologists and historians have found references to energy work techniques dating back to over 10,000 years. Energy Medicine is currently used by medicine people on every continent. The body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance. Energy work is a form of healing that works with the chakras (energy centers) and meridians of the body. At the basis of Chenin studies are effective bodywork techniques that include the practice of Energy Work, not limited to Chi Gong and Reiki..

$ 100.00 per hour

House / Site Clearing

Space Clearing is a method used to cleanse and clear any energetic disturbances or imbalance. The spaces and places we inhabit or the belongings we possess, can hold a negative energetic imprint

from the past. Often negative energies are present because of unresolved conflict or suffering of the individuals inhabiting the space past or present. When old energy is stuck in our homes, the people that live there may feel sick or stuck as well.

A clearing will assist any disembodied energy to move out of the space and into the light. Clearings are done with the utmost respect, while honoring your belief system. This work is done with the highest integrity, in a safe and compassionate intention.

$100 per hour

Couples Counseling

At the foundation of any healthy relationship is a healthy individual.  Past hurts, trust issues and communication problems can hinder our adult relationships.  When working with couples my approach is first individual and then holistic.  Misconceptions about therapy can prevent couples from seeking guidance early on.  Whether you are in the beginning, middle or what feels like may be the end of your relationship... I offer a safe space to talk, be heard and validated while learning new skills and tools individually and together.   

Tools for Communication

Solution Focus ~ Change Oriented 

Goal Oriented ~ Self Awareness 

Forgiveness ~ Conflict Resolution 

This is a 12 session program.

$100 per 2 hr session