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Healing Trauma with Rapid Eye Therapy

October 14, 2019

Science has shown that the contents of our thoughts and emotions immediately influences our bodies bio-chemistry. As we enter the age of awareness, we reunite ourselves with the lost art of the body/mind connection. We are then open to examine the somatic responses our bodies experience during stress. This manifestation of thought, followed by energy, becomes matter. These energies in motion (emotion) lock themselves into our cells resulting in mental illness, addictive behavior and disease.

In our fast paced 21st century lifestyle, listening to our natural body clock has been lifted from the norm. With microwaves, quick fix pills and disposable marriages, seemingly this century’s people are rapidly becoming out of touch with truth and self worth.

Unfortunately, the coping mechanisms of today include a long list of dysfunctional behaviors. What is your current coping mechanism?

According to the American Journal of national Medicine, 15 million people will be diagnosed with clinical depression this year. Depression is big business for drug companies; it is estimated that twelve million people worldwide, including six million Americans, take anti-depressants.

Though drug therapy is an effective aid. It is not necessary for all patients, particularly children who suffer from more side effects than adults. There are natural processes to deal with depression, addictive patterns and dysfunctional coping skills that are both safer and more effective.

Dr. Ranae Johnson of the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon, has developed a treatment process known as Rapid Eye Technology. RET works with the bodies own natural release system of REM sleep while the client is awake and aware.

The process of RET works by physically and mentally, opening up the neuropathways where memories of our traumatic experiences are trapped. RET helps the memory to fade, the emotions melt off and the mind and body understand that the event is over.

Rapid Eye Therapy is a tool modeled after Rapid Eye Movement during sleep. This saccadic eye movement, moves the eyes from one fixed point to another. REM sleep is one of the most important body mind processes. We must have rem sleep to restore our energy and health.

Our current choices are heavily influenced by the past and our subconscious mind. The subconscious is always duplicating its reactions to a stressful environment because survival was allowed in the past.

This sets us up for dysfunctional reoccurring patterns.

Rapid Eye works as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind resulting in breaking self defeating behavior patterns and the positive repatterning of negative thinking, allowing choices to be made from the conscious view rather than the unconscious view.

During the first 6 sessions, much work is done to clear trapped trauma on the neuropathways of the brain. Sessions 7 through 12 focus on the body learning to retain the repatterning in the body and mind as well as complete the process of releasing trauma.

For most clients it takes about twelve, 1 1/2 hour sessions to clear basic issues and replace the patterns and behaviors with new healthy choices.

RET can be useful for any issue.

Stress release is only one of the two components of RET. The other is life skills. Life skills are the cognitive part of this technology The practice of Rapid Eye Therapy is intentional. For more information visit the web page at www.rapideyetechnology.com.

-Chenin West, MRET CHt